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CarPro SO2Pure 2.0 Odor Eliminator 120ml Apolimantiko Osmon

CarPro SO2Pure 2.0 Odor Eliminator 120ml Apolimantiko Osmon Αξεσουάρ
CarPro SO2Pure 2.0 Odor Eliminator 120ml Apolimantiko Osmon Αξεσουάρ
CarPro SO2Pure 2.0 Odor Eliminator 120ml Apolimantiko Osmon Αξεσουάρ
CarPro SO2Pure 2.0 Odor Eliminator 120ml Apolimantiko Osmon Αξεσουάρ
CarPro SO2Pure 2.0 Odor Eliminator 120ml Apolimantiko Osmon

SO2Pure Odor Eliminator 120ml 

Introducing the next generation of car air purification technology! 

CARPRO SO2Pure is the latest innovation in air purification technology!  SO2Pure is an advanced air purification coating based on the latest Tio2 nano technology!  In the presence of light, active oxygen is formed and excited on the SO2Pure treated surfaces, which quickly destroys all micro-sized air pollutants that previously existed or land on it after application.  This includes neutralization of organic odors, cigarette smoke, petrol fumes, smog, exhaust gases, chemical off-gassing or VOCs from car fabric, plastic, and air toxins!

SO2Pure does not just simply destroy them but totally decomposes their microscopic remnants into harmless gas and water vapor. The whole process of SO2Pure photo catalytic decomposition is green in nature. Compared to current popular yet unsafe ozone purification, ionic, or HEPA technology, photo catalyst is by far the most effective purification method available for air treatment. SO2Pure durable coating requires only a single application to keep your car clean and purified.  Each application produces a purification effect of up to 1 year.

SO2Pure is safe, non-toxic, pH neutral, and colorless and can be applied to virtually any surface of your cars interior such as headliner, seat, ceiling, dashboard, and side panels.  Furthermore SO2Pure coats the surfaces inside your vehicle and attacks future odor molecules as they come into contact with it.  


  • Jasmine Scented.
  • Protects from odors for up to a full year.
  • 1.5X stronger than ozone treatment.
  • Green technology.
  • Safe, non-toxic, pH-neutral, colorless.
  • Excellent for elimination of odors in old sneakers.


  • Clean and dry dirty surfaces before use.
  • Spray SO2Pure.
  • Wipe with Microfiber towel.
  • Allow to dry.
  • Precautions:
  • Do NOT allow in sun until surface is dry and there is no excess product on surface.


SO2pure is an air purifier and will eliminate all smells good or bad from within the confines of your vehicle. Any use of organic air fresheners or scents of any type will be short lived and not beneficial in the long term.


What is titanium dioxide and what is a photo catalyst?

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is an antimicrobial metal created by a process which crystallizes titanic iron ore into a nano liquid form.  When exposed to UV light in the sub 400 range, TiO2 becomes a photo catalyst oxidizer (PCO) as well which creates hydroxyl radicals and superoxide ions which are two times stronger disinfectants than chlorine and 1.5 times stronger a disinfectant than ozone.

Does this SO2Pure liquid have a shelf life?

Basically, there is no shelf life. This solution should be stored in a dark, cool environment long term however. 

After it is applied, how long does it last? 

The Titanium crystals in SO2Pure liquid form bonds that are semi-permanent.  In case of some materials that may undergo a physical peeling off by some force (such as carpets, mats, and clothing), it is recommended to re-apply the solution every 6 months.  

Does SO2Pure liquid cause any fabric discoloration or any streaking effects on solid surfaces?

SO2Pure liquid can be applied to fabrics, curtains, carpets, woods, tiles, ceramics, glass, even metal and painted surfaces. If the surface is exposed to direct sunlight, be cautious when applying to black or very dark colored surfaces (a test spot is recommended, but most dark colored surfaces will be fine as long as you don't apply it in direct sunlight) as the oxidation process can remove some pigments from surfaces. When spraying any surface with SO2Pure liquid, it is always advisable to spray a small area first (test area) then allow to dry to make sure the solution does not react with the surface. Once you are confident that the fabric or material can safely be treated, spray the surface until it is completely moistened then wipe off with any type of MF to work the SO2Pure liquid into the fabric or other.  Allow the area to completely dry.

Exactly what types of odors will SO2Pure liquid eliminate?

It will remove virtually any type of odor from surfaces as treated surfaces become resistant to micro-organisms, mold, bacteria, viruses, smoke, odors, etc.  It removes odors from the air when a treated surface is exposed to certain light thus creating the photocatalytic oxidative superoxide ion and hydroxyl effect.

Does it work in cold environments such as freezers?

Yes. Microbes that come in contact with a treated surface will cease to exist.

Does SO2Pure liquid get rid of cigarette odors from tar and nicotine that have penetrated surfaces? 

Yes. If a second hand smoke contaminated surface (second hand smoke is known to have over 400 known cancer causing chemicals) is treated with TiO2 PCO Solution, the odor will soon disappear. However, the discoloration caused by second hand smoke does not disappear. It is therefore advisable to first wash smoke contaminated surfaces that show discoloration before treatment.

How does the intensity of light effect the ability of this nano TiO2 liquid to create friendly oxidizers which purify the air? 

As a characteristic of titanium dioxide, it starts to produce friendly oxidizers en mass when exposed to ultraviolet rays of 400nm range or lower.  It is more affected by the intensity of the ultraviolet rays rather than the intensity of light itself. However, any air pollution, VOC, or odor that comes in contact with a surface treated with SO2Pure liquid will become oxidized.

What are some of the more popular applications for SO2Pure liquid?

Bathrooms, floor tiles, sinks, showers, car interiors, to remove and prevent tobacco odors, kitchen counters, furniture and carpets (especially if you have pets), curtains, mini-blinds, windows exposed to light, ceiling fans, car rims, white outdoor furniture,  house gutters (keeps them mold free), concrete or brick that you want to keep mold free,  the list goes on and on.

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