Περιποιηση Αυτοκινητου - E-Zyme Natura Finest Paste Wax

Μη ΔιαθέσιμοΠεριποιηση Αυτοκινητου - E-Zyme Natura Finest Paste Wax Κέρωμα


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Διαθεσιμότητα:Μη Διαθέσιμο
Ποσότητα:Στο καλάθι

Περιποιηση Αυτοκινητου




E-zyme Natura is pure nature. Made from the finest natural waxes, naturülichsten oil extracts allowing the hardest and most durable protection at all. Combined with natural enzymes has been developed unprecedented growth.




E-zyme Natura consists of very rare natural oils and fruit extracts, which allows the highest gloss, a unique deep shine, and a warm shine of the best only by the growth of the world can be achieved. E-zyme Natura combines the best natural ingredients with the finest and highest quality oils and enzyme extracts.




Allow 59% (volume) of pure Brazilian number one non-bleached natural carnauba wax and yellow carnauba wax number one E-zyme Natura the other a gloss of any wax is obtained.




The ingredients are derived only seasonal, so it is only possible at certain times of small quantities of this wax is very exceptional to win!




Even the packaging is natural. The box is made of 0.6 cm thick UV transparant beschichtetete HDPE and is 100% recyclable. Another highlight: the can is sealed airtight, so the quality of the wax is ensured at all times.


Content: 226gr.
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