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Περιποιηση Αυτοκινητου




LAVA is our latest addition in artificial ... cualidadades a hybrid of ... the best of a glaze ... the best of a sealant ... the best of a wax ... all to give a total product, final.








Open your eyes to a psychedelic experience details designed to take your mind to a whole new fantasy world of radiant color. Here at Chemical Guys get letters, emails and phone calls from professionals and enthusiasts around the world asking for that brightness epic are found only in the realm of imagination. wanted to take our most exciting dreams about painting and make them a reality by creating a product that would revolutionize the world of detailed forever.




In order to design a product that provide the depth and brightness while still delivering impressive durability, spent hours and hours looking at the nature of inspiration towards the attainment of truth, lasting protection.After months of testing and experimentation, we have created an incredible innovation that combines precision engineering with advanced technology to improve color to really change how you view the painting forever. Lava takes the colors to the next level of awesome. 

LAVA - Luminous Glow Infusion . The development team has invested Chemical Guys countless hours in creating an experience so incredible detail that can only be described as psychedelic. Lava is the newest innovation in the color of the latest technology to protect the paint. Designed to hold out the true essence of color in any vehicle, LAVA opens eyes to new shades of red, yellow, blue, white and silver by using the color enhancement technology to give your vehicle a stunning, making painting of the star show. Lava uses a colored polymer that allows the true beauty of any color to be taken to the next level of perfection. By studying how the human eye accepts reflections and colors, our engineers are able to create a product that actually improves the visual appearance of any paint. LAVA is a revolutionary product like no other. LAVA is designed to withstand all environmental conditions to ensure maximum protection for the paint. LAVA is designed to combat rain, snow and UV rays while still providing a shine to the paint company that can only be described as EPIC.




When a volcanic eruption occurs in nature, a lot of liquid molten rock is sent from the planet center to the outer shell to create a solid piece that is cooled to form an element that is really hard as a rock. LAVA is inspired by nature to create a layer of advanced protection is rock hard. LAVA is poured directly into the hot pot in liquid form. For several hours, the liquid lava cools and forms a single semi-solid that is ready to be applied to any surface with paint. This advanced formula allows lava to withstand the intense heat up to 300 ° F protection against the harmful effects of UV rays from the sun. Unlike traditional waxes, excess heat does not affect the molecular structure and protection. LAVA allows his mind to enter a psychedelic experience detailed in his luminous paint is the real star of the show.








Luminous Glow Infusion




Designed to withstand 300 ° F




Advanced technology for improved color




Hard Rock Protection




Perfect for paint -colored




Formula of  epic brilliance.




Apply quick and easy




Brightness  incredible l Sun


Durability extreme
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