Περιποιηση Αυτοκινητου - Lotos Protectant Set

Μη ΔιαθέσιμοΠεριποιηση Αυτοκινητου - Lotos Protectant Set Kit Προιόντων


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Περιποιηση Αυτοκινητου

Προστασια-Αδιαβροχοποιηση Υφασματινης Κουκουλας Cabrio


  • Provides revolutionary beading properties thanks to its famous “lotos effect”
  • Its protection does not only last for months but years
  • Set lasts for 1 large or 2 smaller convertibles with textile soft tops

Swissvax Lotos Protectant is the perfect long-term protection for convertible textile soft tops against all environmental impacts such as rain, road dirt, salt as well as insect- or bird droppings.


Its extremely effective formulation ensures a multi-annual lifespan of each application and provides beading and protection properties which are far superior to conventional soft top impregnations known on the market today. Whilst these conventional products only contain 1-2% of active protection agents per volume, Lotos Protectant comprises an up to 15 times higher concentration and one of the highest concentrations on the market at all. Despite this very rich concentration of active proofing agents, the product is proverbially easy to apply and can be manually sprayed onto the surface – it is also free from propellant gas.


Customers that have used Lotos Protectant have been truly astonished by the proverbial ease of application as well as the famous lotos effect lasting for years.


Swissvax Lotos Protectant thoroughly protects your soft top - not only for months but for years!


In order to achieve the long-lasting perfect protection, the textile surface has to be pre-treated with Swissvax Lotos Neutralizer. We recommend the complete Lotos Protectant Set for an easy and time-saving application.

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